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S2E4: Grace and Dallas Goldtooth Pt.1: Siblings Committed to the Dakota Wicohan (Way of Life)

Grace Goldtooth (Executive Director of Dakota Wicohan) and Dallas Goldtooth (Actor, Writer, Comedian, Reservation Dogs) are siblings with a deep love for one another. Although they have careers in different fields, their rootedness in their Dakota heritage, and their commitment to preserving and celebrating it, deeply informs the work they both do. Grace describes her organization, Dakota Wicohan (which roughly translates to "Dakota Way of Life") as focusing on "revitalizing and sustaining our language as living language and transmitting cultures, lifeways, and teachings on to the next generation." Dallas Gooldtooth, perhaps best known for his role of William Knifeman on Reservation Dogs, was formerly a full-time activist who moved into the space of storytelling recently. He shares his thoughts on his indebtedness to his sister, family, and culture. Music by: Rick Mickey. Cover art by: Eli Yao, Instagram: ⁠@eli_yao_⁠


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