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The Racial Justice Team was formed in 2020 as a Bishop’s initiative in response to needs systemic change. Work of the Racial Justice Team is guided by the ELCA’s Strategy Toward Authentic Diversity adopted in 2019 by the Churchwide Assembly.

The Racial Justice Team leads, develops, promotes, and/or monitors theological frameworks, healing action, structural accountability, theological education, leadership development, and partnerships of Northeastern Minnesota Synod by working in partnership with Synod staff and ministry leaders to align ministries in a way that yields systemic change so that authentic diversity is reflected and embraced. 

The Racial Justice Team sponsors qualified Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Administrators and cohort facilitators.  Using the IDI assessment as a tool to increase intercultural awareness, we accompany our synod to be more equitable and diverse through individual and corporate awareness.  In the cohort process, participants take the IDI assessment, receive results from a qualified administrator, and grow in cohort groups.  These cohorts are meant for confidential discussions based on the IDI results. Cohort members usually share stories about how they experience their results and what they are doing to develop greater intercultural awareness. Cohort groups often also look at real life instances where greater awareness can benefit any given situation - including both personal and professional settings. There is no reporting out. Instead, cohorts are meant to garner meaningful discussion and provide a safe place for personal growth.

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