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To schedule one of these workshops, please contact Together Here Ministries.

Our team members will be happy to work with you.



The Blanket Exercise, originally created by Kairos in collaboration with Indigenous communities in Canada, is an interactive learning experience that raises awareness of the nation-to-nation relationship between Indigenous and non-indigenous peoples in the United States. Based on real-life experiences, the Blanket Exercise is designed to increase knowledge about the laws, policies, and programs used during nation building by having participants literally walk through U.S. history. Participants are provided the opportunity to form a common historical memory and begin conversation about how we can build intercultural bridges together.



Five federally recognized reservations lie within the Northeastern Minnesota Synod. In Addition, a large part of the synod is located within the area covered by the 1854 treaty between the United States and the indigenous people. This program is an exploration of treaties, treaty rights, and how treaties impact us today. Workshop presented by Dr. Joseph Bauerkemper.


The IDI is a tool for the assessment of intercultural competence that is used by thousands of individuals and organizations to build intercultural competence goals and outcomes. The Northeastern Minnesota Synod partners with three qualified administrators in our synod who have been trained to administrate the IDI and lead participants through the process of personal reflection and growth. Reach out to the Together Here Ministries coordinator to be connected with a qualified administrator.


Explore indigenous contextual ministry with Kevin Kot. Oshki-giizhigimatoogan, New Day Lodge, is a contextual Christian lodge that embraces Native American cultural expression and worldview. As part of their work, they strive to build inter-cultural bridges and to increase the opportunities for Indigenous and non-indigenous Christians to enter into healthy conversations about their shared Christian faith.

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