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These additional workshops are available by contacting Together Here Ministries.  Some of the videos listed in our Resource section are also available as workshops.


Explore the Intersections of Mindfulness, Bias and Justice

The intersection of mindfulness, bias and justice can sometimes be overlooked, impeding our abilities to engage in truth-telling that forms the common memory essential for healing.  Mindfulness, Bias, and Justice reviews mindfulness and bias while exploring how the practice of mindfulness can help us overcome bias as we navigate justice issues in our world. During this workshop, participants utilize a self-reflective tool to assist with a guided mindfulness process in order to aid in small group conversations around the impacts of bias on building just systems in our communities. Mindfulness, Bias and Justice is a great workshop for those looking to be introduced to the intersection of mindfulness, bias and justice as well as those looking to go deeper in their understanding of justice work. (90 minutes)


Racelighting: When Good Intentions Fall Short

Coined by Drs. Frank Harris III and J. Luke Wood, racelighting is the term for is a very real, lived experience that many may not be familiar with.  Racelighting: When Good Intentions Fall Short explores racelighting - what it is, how it’s used, when good intentions mask it, and how it impedes bridge building between diverse people groups.  Racelighting: When Good Intentions Fall Short is perfect for anyone looking to further develop their ability to engage in truth-telling, healing and justice work, whether an ally or someone from a racialized people group. (90 minutes)

Exploring the Missing Chapter

Exploring the Missing Chapter is an interactive workshop that raises awareness of the nation-to-nation relationship between Indigenous and non-indigenous peoples in the United States. The workshop, utilizing the Missing Chapter: How the US Stole Thousands of Native American Children (Vox), is designed to increase knowledge about the laws, policies, and programs used during nation building in order to begin conversation about how we can build intercultural bridges together. Participants will reflect on historical narrative and implicit biases while developing a common memory as to how these affect our journeys within our vocations and lives in community.  The workshop utilizes discussions based on real-life experiences of Native peoples in the United States (recorded and/or live). Participants may experience powerful emotions during the exercise and can step away if needed. (90 minutes)


What is Justice?

The term justice is used in many spaces in our society.  As disciples, we commit through our baptisms to work for justice in all the earth, but what is justice?  Using scripture, What is Justice? looks at the spiritual definition of justice and its relationship to peace and how justice helps us express our love for our neighbor.  What is Justice? is a great way to help participants transform their understanding of justice away from the divisiveness of worldly pathways towards an invitation to build God’s kingdom on earth.  Participants will be encouraged to have open discussion as a whole group and will be given opportunity to self-reflect in small groups.  This workshop is appropriate for participants of all ages and has been used as part of confirmation programs and intergenerational conversations.  (60-90 minutes)


Historical Trauma: It Impacts All of Us

Historical trauma - what is it, how might it impact us, and what can it look like today? This conversation will invite participants into a deeper awareness of how historical trauma might be impacting our ability to fully embrace authentic diversity.  Participants will be given an opportunity to both self-reflect and to engage in group discussion. (90 min)

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